Afstoting in Europa Deaccessioning in Europe


In 2008 I wrote my Masters thesis ‘Deaccessioning in Europe: An (im)possibility?‘. A research on the possibilities of a European policy on the deaccessioning of museum objects. This year I received a grant of the Mondriaan foundation to do further research if the opinions and possibilities in the European member states have changed in almost 10 years regarding this subject.

Research plan:

For nearly a decade I have been monitoring the development of deaccessioning within the European Union with the aim of understanding how/under what circumstances an allencompassing deaccessioning policy could exist at an EU level. I first began this investigation in 2007 as a part of my master thesis research, Deaccessioning on a European Level: opportunity or impossibility, which focused on identifying the contemporary views of (number) heritage professionals from (number) member states. Ultimately, I concluded that an all-encompassing policy/legislation could not/ did not exist, due to the fact that professional discourse within the various countries was quite divided.

However, over the past few years general trends regarding deaccessioning have drastically shifted… (read more)

If you are interested in joining the research, or have other questions, please mail me!


In 2008 schreef ik de scriptie Deaccessioning in Europe: An (im)possibility? over de mogelijkheden van een Europees afstotingsbeleid. Van de Mondriaanstichting heb ik middelen gekregen om dit onderzoek de komende anderhalf jaar nogmaals te kunnen uitvoeren. De focus ligt in het tweede onderzoek meer op de mogelijkheden en meningen binnen elk Europese lidstaat, in plaats van te onderzoeken of een Europees beleid mogelijk is. Ik zal hier meer schrijven over de ontwikkelingen van het onderzoek. Als u vragen heeft, mail me